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Having calming and expectorant properties, Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava) is supposed to be a decent remedy for Amavata (a sickness wherein decrease of Vata Dosha and amassing of Ama occur in joint(s), and mimics rheumatoid joint inflammation. The root goes about as an anticonvulsant, pain relieving, diuretic prescription that when focused on nectar can be privately applied for waterfall, incessant conjunctivitis and blepharitis. Helpful for restoring heart maladies, weakness and edema (or oedema), Punarnava is a powerful cure that decreases growing and foul smell in skin issues. Aside from the root, Punarnava’s leaves are likewise expended as a veggie lover dish to lessen oedema.

As an Ayurvedic medication, this spice is said to fix issues like intestinal colic, kidney issues, hack, hemorrhoids, skin sicknesses, liquor addiction, sleep deprivation, eye maladies, asthma and jaundice,Boerhavia diffusa.

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